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Frequently Asked Questions/ Answers:

1) Why do you keep delaying my order on Uber Eats?

           - We Do not delay your order. Once we accept the order we can not delay the order further. Wait Times are approxiamte and vary.

2) Why does your pizza take so Long?

               - We put a lot of effort into making sure the food comes out perfect and that takes time!

3) Why is my food cold after I recieved it from delivery?

                - It is delivery. The temperature that people like food is subjective. Your food will never be as hot as it will be than pickking it up from the shop. We have no control over the delivery drivers. In addition we air fry everything so it is not saturated with hot oil and tends to cool off faster. 

4) Why is your pizza expensive? 

                 -Please refer to our "Is our pizza expensive link".

5) Why is my pizza late?

                   - We have no control over third party delivery. They tend to come a half hour early or a half hour late. 

6) What is your refund policy? 

                   - Please refer to the Refund Policy Page.




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