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Let's just forget about the quality of our food for one moment, like the way we simmer our one of a kind pizza sauce with 23 ingredients for 6 hours, and only use the best ingredients available in everything we create, including importing products from Chicago like our Italian Sausage, Gonella Rolls, and many other products to make our restaurant as authentic as possible, we will get back to that directly. During the eight years of perfecting our pizza we have received feedback from our customers that our pizza is good, great, and even the best they have ever had. Numerous times we have also heard that our pizza is to expensive and many times is considered a treat or a luxury. We intend to shatter these misconceptions with the economic breakdown below using the tried and true method of commerce: weight. We have all been to the grocery store, so we know everythings sold by weight, we are going to break down our pizza by ounces/ pounds into dollars. Then you will see that our pizza is more than a bargain considering our methods and the quality of ingredients that we use.


 Competition Versus Chicago Pizza Company

Here are three comparisons below:

                                        Pizza Hut 14” Thin Crust

                                           4 Top Pizza

                                         Weighs: 27.75 Oz or 1.73 Ib

                                            Cost: $19.27

                                         per Ib: $11.13

                                                 Per oz: .69




Chicago Pizza 14” Thin Crust

               4 Top Pizza

        Weighs: 40.85 Oz or 2.55 Ib

               Cost: $ 25.86

              Per Ib: $10.14

              Per Oz: .63

*Savings of $1.01 per pound or approximately 10% overall

In Conclusion Pizza Huts Pizza per pound is $11.13 Whereas ours is $10.14. So you actually save $1.01 every pound



Dominos 12” Thin Crust

       4 Top Pizza

    Weighs: 19.25 Oz or 1.20 Ib

         Cost: $14.29

         Per Ib: $11.90

         Per Oz: .74

Chicago Pizza 12”

         4 Top Pizza

  Weighs: 33.20 Oz or 2.07 Ib

       Cost: $20.41

         Per Ib: $9.85

         Per Oz: .61

*Savings of $2.05 per pound or approximately 20% overall

In Conclusion Dominos Pizza price per pound is $11.90  whereas  ours is $9.85 per pound, So you actually save $2.05 every pound by purchasing our pizza.

                                                                                     Round Table 10” Pan Pizza

                                                                                   1 Top Pizza

                                                                                  Weigh: 24.75 oz or 1.55Ib

                                                                                 Cost: $13.41

                                                                                 Per Ib: $8.65

                                                                                 Per Oz: .54

                                                                                 Chicago Pizza 10” Pan

                                                                                   1 Top Pizza

                                                                                  Weighs: 37.45 Oz or 2.34 Ib

                                                                                 Cost: $14.63

                                                                                 Per Ib: $6.25

                                                                                 Per Oz: .39

                                                                        *Savings of $2.40 per pound or approximately 25% overall

       To Conclude Round Tables pizza price per pound is $8.65 whereas ours is $6.25. So you save $2.40 Per pound by choosing us.



In conclusion you can see that Chicago Pizza Company is very competitive with the big chains  and when you consider the quality of our product, Chicago Pizza Company is a huge bargain. The reason we excluded our authentic Chicago deep dish pizza  with almost  2" inches of cheese that can get up to  about 7 to 8 pounds if you add enough toppings there simply is not anything to compare it to.

Disclaimer: This report was created June 13th 2016, subsquently due to menu and pricing updating the results of this report may vary.

  • All Prices are tax included  

  • Most recent  updated menu July 20, 2016